Tomorrow's Dreams.
Pursued Today.

The future we want is made today. Many of today’s dreams go on to physique tomorrow’s world. At DS Agrifoods Private Limited, our dream is to become an international specialized food company and we pursue this goal with a single-minded conviction and concerted efforts bent towards maximizing tomorrow’s returns through open practices and a sustainable business model.

DS Agrifoods Private Limited is located in foothills of Himalayas, Uttar Pradesh, India, a state that is famously known as the organic rice bowl of the Indian basmati and non-basmati rice is a burgeoning enterprise crowned as the “leading Exporter Manufacturer of Basmati and nor-Basmati Rice” by its belief and conscious effort to marvellous promote basmati rice across the world has become a market leader as we contribute best Basmati Rice exports from India. Taking each day as a challenge DS Agrifoods is determined to deliver quality products only. Our Exports numbers are a testimony of the progress that we are achieving every year, in a short span of time we are now available in many countries worldwide. Suiting the universal and socio-cultural norms, continuously are striving to bring in varieties to suit around the globe and at the same time working endlessly to super most product qualities, wide distribution networks to ensure a full outreach globally.

With harvesting, the finest produce from nature comes a dignified responsibility to package only the best specialty grains and foodstuffs for families across the world. Our seamlessly integrated operations have access and control over the entire supply chain from farm to fork. We have invested a valuable amount in the Ultramodern Rice processing unit that is located in the foothill of Himalaya Pilibhit, UP (India). We are equipped with the latest and modern Parboiling, Milling, and Sorting Machineries having a capacity of 12 MT/hr. We have also installed the Satake Milling Plant that is imported from Taiwan and Japan to maintain hygiene during the processing and packaging, the whole operation remains untouched by human hands.

Innovative Production

Modern technology has launched a new digital data monitoring system to reduce vulnerability of smallholders engaged in rice production by setting up an easy accessible rice information system to better manage domestic rice production.

Safe and healthy
Packing and Storage

Food poisoning is frequently caused by bacteria from foods that have been incorrectly stored. Food contaminated with food-poisoning bacteria may look, smell and taste normal. If food is not stored properly, it can goes to dangerous levels.

Quality Export
Buyers in the world

Our mission is to make the world aware of the actual taste and aroma of pure basmati rice. Our beliefs are our greatest strengths and have contributed immensely in helping us emerge as one of the world’s best basmati rice millers and exporters.