Manufacturing Facility

The future we want is made today. Many of today’s dreams go on to physique tomorrow’s world. At DS Agrifoods Private Limited, our dream is to become an international specialized food company and we pursue this goal with a single-minded conviction and concerted efforts bent towards maximizing tomorrow’s returns through open practices and a sustainable business model.

Taking each day as a challenge, DS Agrifoods is determined to deliver quality products only. Our Exports numbers are a testimony of the progress that we are achieving every year in a short span of time we are now available in many countries worldwide.

  • Improving harvesting by implementing technological innovations
  • Improve food safety and self-life of grain
  • Gain new customers from referrals
  • Maintain and improve brand position in the market
  • Contribute to overall positive branding of the product

Processing & Packaging

Innovation combined with Technology is quintessential to a company’s business.

Practices what is called even balance of both. The food industry today requires Innovation with relevant changes in social & cultural consumer behaviour.

The Innovation in technology should come in production, harvesting, primary & secondary processing, manufacturing & distribution while there should be a healthy change in eating patterns, process engineering, product formulation, food qualities, and consumer needs.

Rice Mill unit is designed by imported equipment from Japan, Germany, and Taiwan, etc., and takes pride in boosting a hi-tech amalgamation of technology from Germany, Japan & USA.

  • Sanitizing and thermal scanning
  • Verify package assortment and quantities
  • Check sealing method and packaging materials
  • Packaging quality control checks for appropriate packaging materials
  • Check shipping markings and barcodes
  • Carton drop test

Quality Control

There is transparency in communicating the right product details on the packaging. The meticulous work put in by Q.C.; Packaging, Logistics, and export departments are to ensure that nothing from the factory leaves with even a tint of doubt about the quality of the rice that is being marketed.

We take pride in our Brands and firmly believe in the thought “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.

DS is accredited with highest quality certifications like ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, GMP, KOSHER, HALAL and FASSI to name a few.

  • Encourages quality consciousness
  • Reduction in production cost
  • Reduction in inspection costs
  • Higher morale of employees
  • Improved techniques and methods of production

Channel Distribution

Our Domestic Business is primarily bifurcated in three broad segments and internationally we operate via the distributional channel.Private Labelling to serve all the three business streams.

Modern Trade : Hyper & Super Markets, Cash & Carry, High Street Retailers,

Traditional Trade : Wholesalers, Distributors, Mini Stores,

Hospitality industry : Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers

International Business : Distributors Branded Business,When you bring Products from our established system they come with values & attributes of taste, quality, hygiene and assurance. Being well established Branded business players we bring to table experience that indeed is rewarding.


Private Labeling

Our private label program offers you a competitive edge, quality products, and market insights to operate in different markets.

We have made-to-order capabilities, coupled with competitive pricing that can help you boost your sales without compromising on safety & quality part.

That’s because we at DS believe in Quality, Customer Service & Food safety.

  • Unmatched quality
  • Number of varieties to choose from
  • Fast dilivery
  • Customized packing as required.

Brand & its Presence

Customer faith is priceless and at DS Agrifoods it’s unpardonable to tamper with quality, quantity & price. Our labels are honestly priced and offer authentic produce.

The Principal Product Line of the company serves the best quality Basmati Grains in their popular brands namely brands like Doonmalai, Hill Queen, Goodric, SunMoon, and Dee Ess.

The company has established a strong foothold in Middle East & GCC countries and is making deeper penetration in Asia-Pacific & East Asian Markets. The Indian markets look promising too with the flagship brand Doonmalai now available across the length & breadth of the country at modern retail & e-commerce online stores too. Our brands are available in popular stores in India and worldwide.

For us, Customer Service & perception is very important which is why we don’t compromise on Quality & Service levels. Our service levels are uniform to all customers irrespective of order volumes.

Our Goals for upcoming years: are all set with ambitious domestic sales to be achieved in the coming years