Tomorrow's Dreams.
Pursued Today.

DS Agrifoods is in a commanding position in the world of packaged rice made to conform to international standards. The roots go deep, back about 20 years ago when our founders had a dream and a grand vision of giving the world a taste of India’s finest rice.

We put in solid groundwork, relentless effort, unceasing watch over quality and perseverance in achievement of goals. We have come far. We have miles to go but have confidence gained from trust reposed in us and our brands. DS Agrifoods is one of India’s premier exporters of premium Basmati rice and non-Basmati varieties. Our range also covers rice for everyday use and rice for special occasions as well as rice to suit special preferences.

Our production unit is located in the pristine and verdant valley of Pilibhit in UP, nestling in the lap of the Himalayas. In pursuance of our vision to excel, we kept on modernizing machinery and processes. Our unit has automated equipment’s for parboiling, milling, sorting and packing with a capacity of 12 MT per hour. The standout equipment is the Satake Milling machinery from Japan and Buhler of Germany to assure highest standards of hygiene. The name DS represents consistency and quality.

DS Agrifoods is family owned but with a modern, corporate approach to business. The combination works perfectly across all levels: from procurement to sorting, inbound quality checks, processing, packaging, distribution and marketing. Service and support are top priorities. We are always approachable, even by the last link in the retail chain. We listen to what customers want and it goes into refinement of our products and services.

Why DS Agrifoods?

  • As explained in the foregoing paragraphs, DS Agrifoods is the mark of purity, refinement, trust and excellence. We are committed to guarding our reputation and continuing the tradition of service.
  • We have a no-compromise approach to quality. Profits are secondary. Product excellence and customer satisfaction rank high.
  • DS Agrifoods has a holistic approach to manufacturing and production – in consonance with environmental concerns, safety of lives and nature and creating a positive atmosphere.
  • R & D is at the root of our progress. We innovate, experiment and develop constantly to give the world a better product.
Innovative Production

Modern technology has launched a new digital data monitoring system to reduce vulnerability of smallholders engaged in rice production by setting up an easy accessible rice information system to better manage domestic rice production.

Safe and healthy
Packing and Storage

Food poisoning is frequently caused by bacteria from foods that have been incorrectly stored. Food contaminated with food-poisoning bacteria may look, smell and taste normal. If food is not stored properly, it can goes to dangerous levels.

Quality Export
Buyers in the world

Our mission is to make the world aware of the actual taste and aroma of pure basmati rice. Our beliefs are our greatest strengths and have contributed immensely in helping us emerge as one of the world’s best basmati rice millers and exporters.